Biruni University

Audiology(إدارة االسمعيات)

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Program Duration:
4 Years

10500 USD / Per Year

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10. Yıl Caddesi Protokol Yolu No: 45 34010 Topkapı / İstanbul

Dünya Education Established was founded to initiate a universal health-based university to contribute to both the academia and the life of our country through theoretic and applied scientific studies. In order to reach that aim we held several consultations with prominent intellectuals and people of science in our country. As a result of this survey, it is determined that a health-based university would be founded on the principles of thinking and acting in a scientific way, through research and universality. Founders and the board of trustees gave the university name of ‘Biruni’, a Turkish man of science who was declared a “universal genius” by UNESCO in 1974, as an appropriate name for both its mission and vision.

Biruni University, with an aim to find and train our country’s next generation of Birunis, took its place within the Turkish system of higher education as a civil corporation after the Dünya Education Foundation applied to the Turkish Grand National Assembly according to Law number 6525 on 27 February 2014.


To be a leader university acknowledged as a global and domestic touchstone with our education, research and services.


To provide a university education being aware of the responsibility of fulfilling the prospects of the whole humanity through producing knowledge and applying it in healthcare areas; respectful to the diversity and value judgments of people; meeting the expectations of the students at global standards.


To have an academic cadre from the best ones in their fields.

To have an infrastructure, wages policy and performance measuring system that motivates academic staff to work more eagerly.

To elicit the best students of our country, to support them economically and to award their success.

To obtain national and international accreditation.

To establish research laboratories which are equipped with the latest technology.

Within the sphere of TSİGDR Vision 2023 (Turkish Human Resources Report for Healthcare Professionals Vision 2023) and SAİK Vision 2023 (Healthcare Human Resources Vision 2023) to establish new departments and programs.

Within the sphere of SAİK educating professionals in all required areas of healthcare

Giving high quality education in allocated fields by YÖK (Counsel of Higher Education)

Being a thematic university in healthcare field (including interdisciplinary ones) to render interdisciplinary studies and researches within our university and among other universities.

To have graduate programs with a strong academic cadre.

To have an academic exchange support program for masters and PhD programs.

To train future well-qualified researchers and academicians who are able to make researches on health problems of our country.

To urge our students doing research projects from the very first year and make them finish a project before they graduate.

To offer our students the best training and practice opportunities in any field of healthcare in hospital atmosphere.